Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lunch time quickie

It was nice to chat with Mistress Linda today and She was pleased to send me home at lunch to ride the sissy pole. I returned to the office a freshly fucked sissy slut, eager for more.  She showed me a nice chastity belt, and some more sissy training videos to watch.

It was nice to return home after work, plug my sissy pussy and complete Mistress Sarah's chores, short black skirt, a frilly white top, black high heels and stockings on. My daily sissy hypnosis video had a focus on cock sucking, and I find myself craving cock more and more.  I rode the sissy pole realizing my days as a man are long gone, my useless clit locked in chastity for nearly a month...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just a lovely look

A nice weekend hearing from Mistress Sarah, and serving Mistress Linda as time goes on.  The daily sissy hypnosis videos are having a profound effect on me.  Now when I get home from work, it's off with my "man" clothes and into something soft and feminine, and of course high-heels.  The sissy pussy training continues, the N-Joy plug becoming my favorite toy along with riding the sissy pole after my chores, a sissy should have a treat right?  Just a lovely picture posted below, it makes me strive harder to please...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sissy Pole Rider

A wonderful morning serving Mistress Linda, a Lady that Mistress Sarah told me to please well.  In no time at all Mistress had replaced the N-joy plug with my inflatable plug and pumped it up fully.  We had some nice conversation and then she had me paint my toe nails and finger nails yellow and then set up the sissy pole for her.  Soon she had me on all fours riding it long and hard over and over, it must have been over two hours.  Not having had a cum in a month, my clit locked in chastity now, it leaked and leaked.  I did my best to lick up the cum like a good sissy.  Mistress Linda thought I looked so pretty, the school girl skirt and frilly white lace top, on all fours riding the sissy pole.  I should have taken a picture, but attached is another of my pole riding adventures.

Mistress Linda certainly made it a full sissy day.  After running some errands and returning home, She immediatly had me strip, put on my school girl outfit and put the inflatable plug in my sissy pussy.  "Pump, pump, pump!" She commanded.  "Now paint your nails purple whore!"  Her favorite colors, yellow toe nails and purple finger nails.  While she chatted on the phone, she had me rub my full balls, then rub between my balls and sissy pussy, my legs spread wide apart. "Rubbing like horny whore, rub, rub, like a little girl!" she encouraged me. It felt so good, and when she had me totally worked up, I had to remove the plug and ride the sissy pole for a long session.  Before Mistress Linda left, she said, "stay dressed like that."  I felt like a used whore, sore and spent, and enjoying how my life is changing for the better.  I certainly hope I made Mistress Sarah proud with my obedience towards a superior Lady.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Locked in Service

It was wonderful to talk to Mistress Sarah this morning.  After 28 days without a release,  i couldn't keep my hands off my clit, confessing this to her.  She decided it's time for lock up and to send her the number.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A nice cartoon

Nearing 3 weeks without a cum for this slut, and looking forward to pleasing the wonderful Mistress Sarah, my reason for living.  Just a nice cartoon here, for viewers pleasure.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Red Buns

I was surpirsed Mistress Sarah dropped by since it has been a couple of weeks we last met.  In no time at all she had me strip and paddled my ass a nice red for my poor past behaviours.  I lost count of the number of spanks, but my ass certainly felt it.  I made the mistake of begging her to let me have a cum, more spanks for that mistake.

Afterwards she had me kneeling on all fours and suck her strap-on, hard and long, hmmm, a sissy loves sucking cock.  She then placed nipple clips on me, and rode my sissy pussy while spanking my ass,  "you will remember this everytime you sit down today slut!"  She laughed.  "Thank you Mistress," i said gratefully.

Before Mistress Sarah left, she had me insert the dildo and bend over for a picture on her camera.  She obviously loves red buns!