Sunday, September 7, 2014

Red Buns

I was surpirsed Mistress Sarah dropped by since it has been a couple of weeks we last met.  In no time at all she had me strip and paddled my ass a nice red for my poor past behaviours.  I lost count of the number of spanks, but my ass certainly felt it.  I made the mistake of begging her to let me have a cum, more spanks for that mistake.

Afterwards she had me kneeling on all fours and suck her strap-on, hard and long, hmmm, a sissy loves sucking cock.  She then placed nipple clips on me, and rode my sissy pussy while spanking my ass,  "you will remember this everytime you sit down today slut!"  She laughed.  "Thank you Mistress," i said gratefully.

Before Mistress Sarah left, she had me insert the dildo and bend over for a picture on her camera.  She obviously loves red buns!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Punishment chastity.

A picture of my clit locked in one of Mistress Sarah's favorite chastity devices, the devious Birdlocked "pico".  You can see my little clit shrinks to avoid the spikes, and rightfully so, any excitements are greeted with pain.  I certainly hope She doesn't lock me in this device this weekend, but considering some of my poor behaviours in the past, this may be my fate.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Serving a Mistress

As Mistress Sarah wishes i have started up my blog again.  It's been some time due to a number of reasons, but finally my wishes are coming true.  Her favorite method of controlling a sissy like me is chastity, so I thought the picture explains everything.